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Why a personal protection dog?

Almost every home in every neighbourhood is a target for burglary, whether you live in the city, town or country. Today most families have valuables that would attract burglars: televisions, cash, stereos, computers, and jewellery.  An average family has a One-in-six chance of being a victim of crime. Even worse, burglary is often associated with violence.  Why are we all talking about personal protection dogs, well, we are living in the 21st century and society is changing. When we look back 25/30 years ago we could all go out and leave doors unlocked and open, we all felt safe walking down the street or going for a jog in the park knowing we would be safe, well that was then.

Now the world is getting more and more security conscious and people are feeling more and more threatened. A protection trained dog is an asset in today's world. Not only is a dog a worthy device, it does discourage the bad people who live in our society. Having a personal protection dog creates a measure of owner control in a naturally protective dog. Most people have a busy life style and a trained dog can handle this. Having a personal protection dog can give you, your family and your property a piece of mind, knowing that you have a good all round security because there are no wires to cut, no alarm boxes to foam up. There is nothing to turn the dog off that is doing his job (except the handler).

Personal protection dogs are trained to react only when commanded to by its owner. However the dog will react without command when the owner is threatened, or disabled and unable to command the dog. These are command dogs trained to respond to a difficult situation, yet are compatible with the enjoyment of life at all other times.

K-9 UK will assess your dog free of charge (all we ask that you pay for our fuel expense)
To see if your dog in question would make a suitable P.P.D.
We offer a training program for your existing dog at your place of convenience or we can board your dog with us.

K9 UK offers expertly trained dogs that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer a choice of dogs and training that meets your needs.
Do not be satisfied with any thing less than the best when it comes to personal protection Dogs.

This training includes very hard stick and gun work against your dog with physical attacks late at night and early morning. Your protection dog will be pushed hard into : doors, walls, counters, tables, and chairs to condition and ensure they will stay in the fight. All dogs must bite on all surfaces including: leather coats, nylon coats, flannel coats, hidden sleeves, body bite suits and hidden body suits. Your protection dog will have a full mouth confident bite and will not quit unless commanded by the owner.

The dog must respond to late night and early morning attacks while protecting you and your family. The "bad guys" will be attacking from all areas of your property including: over the fence, through the gates, behind trees or bushes, your shed or garage, etc. Heavy stick and gun work is applied using different types of guns and training sticks. Your dog will not quit unless commanded by the owner.

This training includes attacking your dog and you in a multistory carpark, from behind other vehicles and buildings PLUS serious attacks inside your business from all angles.

(car, truck, motorhome, yacht or plane) This training includes multiple "bad guys" charging the vehicle hitting the bonnet, doors, boot and windows. The "bad guys" will shoot blank guns while reaching into your vehicle to harm you, steal your purse or even your car. Your dog will respond instantly

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