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Personal protection dog training is designed to produce dogs that will defend upon command, however, they will automatically respond should the owner be threatened or physically attacked.
Training is geared towards real life situations.
The dogs are trained to perform in the house, on the property, and on the streets. In any of these situations, K-9 UK produces the ultimate, intelligent, reliable and obedient protection dogs.

K-9 UK dogs are trained to date methods such as muzzles, hidden sleeves, and on special orders full body bites. These methods that we use mean our dogs are not just sleeve happy dogs.

All dog are taught the basic obedience commands of “come, heel, sit, and stay. On - off lead. And all dogs are tested for there temperament before moving on or even thinking about doing any kind of protection work. There will be no exceptions.

We will then move on the advance obedience commands for the protection work.
Personal protection training is tailored to the individual dog and owner.
Dogs will be tested in obedience and ability prior to any protection training.
Here is some of the situation at K-9 UK train dogs for protection work
And all commands can be taught in English, Dutch, French, or German.
1. When the handler is attacked.
2. When the handler gives the command.
3. To search your home for any intruders.

Option 1 when the handler is attacked and unable to command the dog, such as when the handler is sleeping or when you don’t see the attacker.

Option 2 when the handler can see a potential attack, the handler can command the dog to protect.

Option 3 the dog is trained to search your home before you enter is if you suspect there may be an intruder inside.

Our dogs are taught to bite and hold on to an attacker. Which will give the handler time to escape and raise the alarm.
The dogs are also taught the Bark and Hold (B + H)

When considering a dog for personal protection training, make sure you select your dog carefully. This cannot be stressed enough. Not every dog is suitable for personal protection work.
Every dog must be tested and judged as an individual.
We at K-9 UK believe that only a certain amount of information should be placed on a website regarding training personal protection dogs, this is for safety reasons and for people who believe that having such dog gives them a weapon to play with.
A personal protection dog is solely for personal protection in an advent of an attack against the handler or an intruder in your home.

For our Personal Protection work we do the following:
Show of aggression on command.
Stop the show on command
On lead bite on command
Release of bite on command
Bite without command when handler is physically assaulted
Release of the bite on command
Bite from a stay when called by the handler to defend.

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