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Tracking dogs are trained to track scent of any person, and that can be an intruder or a missing person.
The tracking dog will follow the scent Via footsteps left by the person the dog is tracking.

Dogs add speed and consistency to the task of locating a fleeing suspect or a missing person.
Tracking dogs detect trails of odour left by a person on the ground.
The tracking dog indentifies the odour and will follow the trail to the location of the individual person.
The use of tracking dogs eliminates the guess work involved when pursuing a fleeing intruder or suspect, or locating a missing individual..

Why do we use tracking dogs?.
Well the dog as just over 220 million scent receptors in their noses ( us humans have 5 million ). They are able to detect odours at a vastly smaller concentrations than we can.
They are able to smell the microscopic pieces of skin that are constantly shedding from our body and settling on the ground.

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